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Environmental & Social Planning 

Successful projects require environmentally sound designing and socially acceptable implementation – an area to which we continue to contribute regularly as with our other areas of endeavour. Like other areas of its expertise, NEVIL Consultants has been able to maintain itself in the forefront of consulting services by becoming a generator of new ideas, methods and techniques for social and environmental assessments. NEVIL Consultants has carried out detailed in environmental, ecological and socio-economic investigations and has undertaken impact assessment for major infrastructure development schemes.


NEVIL Consultants can handle environmental and socio-economic issues to be addressed at various stages of projects from identifying strategic options to monitoring and evaluation on completion of projects. NEVIL Consultants fully has regularly met, even gone beyond, the regulatory requirements of the MoEF, GoI, and funding agencies guidelines like The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, CIDA and IL&FS for Environmental and Social assessments in development projects.


NEVIL’s Environmental and Social Development Unit backs this confidence with a current strength of permanent staffs qualified and experienced in the field of Environmental and Social studies. Apart from these, NEVIL Consultants has a team of Consultants having Environmental and Social experience ranging between 12 to 45 years. 


NEVIL Consultants covers the following service areas:


  • Environmental and Social Screening

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, formulate policies and mitigation measures

  • Ecological Assessment

  • Environmental Management Plan

  • Social Impact Assessment

  • Resettlement Action Plan

  • Independent Environmental Review

  • Watershed Development

  • Biodiversity & Forestry

  • Environmental Training Programs

  • Institutional strengthening

  • Management Information System and Geographical Information System

  • Natural Resources management

  • Risk Assessment and Disaster management plan

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of R&R activities

  • Environmental Construction Supervision

Urban & Regional Planning

Planning process in India is undergoing a transition phase with the advent of new technologies, impact of economic liberalization on cities and introduction of bilateral institutions like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation etc in the urban development scenario.


Today, planning is not merely limited to land use and zonal plans but demand newer frameworks of public private partnerships, capacity building and institutional reforms. Planning for better management has started receiving its due share of importance. Thus, increasing number of specialized urban/town and regional planning projects along with special area schemes is being floated in India.NEVIL Consultants with its initial background of Urban Transport and micro-level Environmental and Social Assessments, now specializes in macro-level Urban and Regional Development Projects. Key aspects of handling planning projects in NEVIL Consultants are:


  • Readily available input from in-house professionals connected with fields of transportation, infrastructure, urban planning & economic development.

  • Addressing planning problem as an attempt to address larger social, environmental and economic issues/ forces of urbanization of India.

  • Developing project specific methodology and survey frameworks for different projects.


NEVIL Consultants covers the following areas of Planning:


  • Regional transport and development plans

  • Development plans for towns and cities

  • Tourism development and planning

  • Infrastructure plans

  • Special area planning

  • Site planning

  • GIS and Software development

Hydrology & Water Resource

Activities in the field of Hydrology and hydraulics in Nevil Consultants started as part of planning and design works for cross-drainage structures and longitudinal drains. Later on during last five years the activities have been expanded in the field of Water-shed Management, Agriculture and Irrigation, Water Supply, Municipal Engineering and Hydro-power.


NEVIL Consultants has proved its competence in the field of water resources through its completed and on-going projects. The latest technology of Remote-sensing has been successfully applied for preparation of Master plan of Irrigation and Detailed Project Report. Similarly water supply & sanitation projects have been successfully completed both in towns in plains and very difficult terrain.


NEVIL Consultants covers the following service areas:


  • Hydrological analysis for planning & design of CD structure and longitudinal drainage in highways

  • Survey, Investigation, Data Collection and Water Availability Studies

  • Planning, design and execution of water supply, sewerage and drainage in plains and hills.

  • Satellite imagery processing, digital elevation model development, storage planning and command area development works – micro irrigation schemes.

  • Planning, design & execution of canal and drainage works for Irrigation

  • Water-shed development planning & designs

  • Environmental impact assessment & socio-economic studies for Water Resources projects

  • Planning, design, construction supervision and Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Dam and related structure

  • Planning & Design of Hydro Power schemes.

Tourism Planning/ Design

There is a changing philosophy of tourism development across the world as tourism is a very potent economic activity and simultaneously destructive for natural and cultural resources. It is being increasingly recognized that tourism industry- needs to be planned, developed and managed in a sustainable way to harness the potentials of employment generation, infrastructure development and socio-economic development associated with it.


Tourism planning is a specialized sector in itself but at the same time require significant interdisciplinary actions in achieving an appropriate tourism product. NEVIL Consultants, in last few years, with its background knowledge in handling infrastructure development, has strengthened the organization with key professionals from Conservation and Heritage Management, Ecology and Resource Management, Anthropology, Finance, Tourism Planning and Design to deliver services in emerging fields of tourism ranging from area level enhancements, heritage area preservation and development, city tourism plans, policies and vision documents.


Some of key area covered are:


  • Tourism demand assessment including forecast of tourist and infrastructure.

  • Market positioning of product.

  • Identification and prioritization of project.

  • Master planning and infrastructure development strategies

  • Investment strategy – financial plan and private sector participation

  • Implementation strategy

  • Environment and social assessment of proposed projects.

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